The European Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy (ECERP) is organised by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) in collaboration with its Global and Events Partners.

IAFOR has entered into a number of strategic partnerships with universities across the world through the IAFOR Global Partnership Programme. These academic partnerships support and nurture IAFOR’s goals of educational cooperation without borders, connecting the organisation with institutions that have an international and internationalising profile, and a commitment to interdisciplinary research.

The IAFOR Global Partnership Programme provides mutual recognition and scope for Global Partner institutions and organisations to showcase their research strengths, as well as engage in the development of projects and programmes with IAFOR. Each of IAFOR’s institutional partners provides a nominee to the International Academic Advisory Board (IAAB).

Partnering with some of the world’s leading universities and academic associations provides strong recognition for IAFOR and our work, and emphasises our commitment to academic quality and rigour.

IAFOR’s academic partnerships may be at the institutional, event or project level, and are either institution-wide or with a particular school or faculty. A full list of IAFOR's Global Partners is available below.

We would like to thank the following institutions and organisations for their support:

Partners by Location

IAFOR Documentary Photography Award

If you would like to enquire about institutional partnership opportunities, please email for more information.